What Makes The Kaftan A Highly Versatile Outfit?

Fashion trends change every season. In a country like India which sees new styles cropping up at a fast pace, there are only a few that make the cut and remain in vogue, no matter what the season. One such eternal outfit is the breezy kaftan. Counted as one among the most popular party dresses India, it finds acceptance with women of all ages, sizes and silhouettes.

Versatility is its USP

The ultra-comfortable outfit features a dainty free-flow design and readily fits any outline. So, whether someone with a short and a plump contour wants to wear it or someone who is tall and slim, the kaftan effortlessly complements any form. This is probably one of the reasons why it never loses its appeal. Many women across India and even around the globe pick the kaftan as comfy beach wear. However, it does not limit itself to just lounge wear and this makes it a highly versatile choice of a garb. Kaftan exporters now supply an eclectic collection that comprises outfits in myriad colours, lengths, adornments and fabrics. For instance, a knee-length, stone-embellished kaftan may be your ideal pick for an after-office party or as a semi-traditional wear, while a shorter-length, solid-coloured one may work wonders in hiding your flab and making you appear chic for that all-girls hangout or a romantic dinner date.

A classic combination of funky and comfortable, it also remains the top choice of outdoor wear during harsh summers. Also, the fact that it can easily paired with an amazing range of pants makes it even trendier. Wear a dazzling one with contrasting leggings or if you wish to keep it very casual, go for slim-fit denims or loose pants. Planning to wear it for a wedding? Grab a floor-length one and accessorize it with some glittering jewellery and you would surely forget the hassling gown.

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