Teaming Your Kurta With Different Types Of Salwar

If you have a kurta in your closet that you don’t wear anymore, teaming it with different types of salwars can help you create a new look each time. From churidars to patialia salwars, there is a wide variety to choose from.

It is believed that salwars originated in Central Asia and its use was spread to India, Afghanistan, Iran and Arabia. In our country, the term salwar includes Punjabi suthan, Sindhi suthan, churidar and the Dogri pajama.

Different types of Salwars

The Basic Salwar
The basic salwar is a form of baggy trouser that usually has frills on either sides, starting from the centre. This is the most common type of salwar worn with simple as well as designer kurtis in India. It is baggy and loose and gathers loosely at the ankles.

Patiala Salwar
As the name suggests, this type of salwar hails from the Patiala region in Punjab. Patiala salwars are usually worn with short kurtis. There are frills all over the hip area for creating volume. It is made with several pleats and folds that create a fanned out look. Compared to the basic salwar, Patiala salwars are quite heavy to carry as a lot of fabric is used in making them.

Churidars are basically tight fit trousers that are wide at the top and narrow at the ankle. The length of the salwar falls into folds and appears like ‘churi’ or bangles resting on the ankle. Often referred as Moghul breeches, churidars can be worn with an A line kurta short kurta, anarkali kurta or a floor length kurta.

Parallel Pants
You can team up your kurta with a parallel salwar that is quite wide like a parallel pant and runs the same length from top to bottom. They are either be worn with a short kurta or ethnic top or a kurta with front opening. Parallel pants are quite trendy and comfortable.

Maharani Patiala Salwar
This is very much similar to a Patiala salwar; however, it contains more folds and pleats. Excessive folds make the salwar look like a harem pant. The only exception is that this salwar isn’t tight fitted at the ankle. It is wide fitted and loose.

Capri Pants
Indian ladies suits can also be teamed up with capri pants or salwars. This type of pant adds a modern look to the traditional Indian ethnic wear. Its length can be anywhere from the knee to mid leg.

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