Kaftans in fashion again

Why is Kaftans only limited to summer wear or beachwear? They are now more than that because it is something more comfortable and breezy for a day out, parties and of course even at home.

It’s time to introduce your wardrobe to the very versatile and flowy ‘Kaftans’.

The roots of Kaftan goes back to the ancient Mesopotamian era, and it has been seen in many cultures post that around the world. Somewhere, the free-flowing style design of the kaftans has a remarkable connection with the loose & flowy Bohemian beliefs. That’s the reason you can style Kaftans the boho-chic style as well.

This year it is trending among actresses as well as for those who are looking for a comfortable outfit. Esika World is a women’s wholesale clothing manufacturers in India that works towards making comfortable outfits for women.

Useful tips to consider as you pick a Kaftan for your wardrobe-

Oversized and long

Kaftans come in various sizes but it doesn’t have to be body fitting, you can also opt for a size higher. But need to pick the right length according to your body type. So as it fits you freely and gives a flowy look. There are different types of neckline that give the Kaftan a different look like round, v-neck, oval neck etc. Going for a tight-fitted outfit is not the purpose of the Kaftan. Esika World is the best wholesalers of designer Kurtis in Mumbai because of their wide range of collection.

Contrast or pastel colors

It is up to you the color theme, the combination you want to wear. It could be solid colors, pastel colors that go best with the occasion or you can also opt for colors that go well with an occasion like for a mehndi, Diwali etc.

Choose the right fabric

What makes the Kaftan looks beautiful? It is the flowy material, the fall of chiffon, georgette etc. The Kaftan is all about “class and comfort”. That’s why the material that will give a good flow is what one should opt for.


Occasion plays an essential role in choosing any kind of outfit as you cannot wear a lehnga to the office and vice versa. So, where to wear Kaftans becomes a question? But nowadays, starts are flaunting it everywhere from parties to home, from wearing it at home to a holiday destination. Esika World is a wholesale supplier of casual kurtis and designed kurtis for every occasion.

How can you enhance your Kaftan look?

  • Consider purchasing Kaftan of varying lengths, and you can even opt to layer it over palazzo to create different looks.
  • Switch from a casual look during the day to a party at night by changing to heels or wedges.
  • Tie up your hair in a top bun or a messy one to be beach-ready.
  • Accessorize lavishly with bracelets, necklaces, belts, earrings, sunglasses, jewels, pearls or headbands.
  • Use a belt in the front, side or back to give shape to the Kaftan.
  • Experiment with wearing a jacket over the Kaftan.
  • Wear it with a sash to look regal.
  • Try pairing up your Kaftan with a matching or contrasting turban for an exclusive look.
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