Here Is How You Get Your Ethnic Look Right

It is a common habit that most women develop as the time passes by, they assume that since they are well acquainted with Indian ethnic wear they have managed to get the look right every time. However, that’s far from the truth, many stylists’ feel that we get too comfortable in time and in the process start neglecting the small stuff that eventually leads to frustration when you realise you have not managed to get the look right. Salwar Suits manufacturers admit that every Indian woman own at least one Salwar Suit in her wardrobe as ‘a must have’ in her collection. Hence it is more than essential to know the dos and the Don’ts with ethnic wear.

Makeup: this depends mainly on the time of the function. Experts suggest that it is best to stick to the golden and cream shades for the day time function and use the black, bronze and the crimson for the night. Every Indian woman is endowed with almond shaped eyes, thus making them the focal point by accentuating them with winged eyeliner or even with a smokey look.

Accessory: be it Salwar Suits or embroidered Anarkali Suits, the best match for them has always been the traditional Indian accessories like a pair of Jhumkis, dozen glass bangles and even Mang Tikka for a formal function.

Footwear: the most important thing to be taken care since during occasions you might have to be on foot the whole time. Mochdi’s and the Kholapuri’s go well with a Salwar Suit. However, in the case of Anarkali, it is advisable to be worn with heels since they have excessive gathers and most of them are floor touching which might make you trip over while walking.

These are the basics recommended by every stylist to get the correct ethnic wear look and when done right, you are all set to steal the show.

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