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The rich and intricate embroidery done on delicate fabric is the perfect way to spice up your ethnic look. Embroidered kurtis or Embroidered kurtas look great especially when the fabric is semi-transparent and has a bouncy like mesh, lace, or georgette fabric. If you are planning to attend a religious ceremony or a wedding, an elaborately embroidered kurti will elevate your look to the next level. Floral embroidery, 3D embroidery, brass embroidery, and cut embroidery are all trending this season. 

Trendy Embroidered Kurtis Designs Online at ESIKA WORLD

Embroidered Kurtis is a great choice for any occasion and they can be worn up or down depending on our choice. They come in many different designs and styles. Each design belongs to a different culture from a different part of the country. Exploring different embroidered kurtis designs can be a fun way to add something new to your wardrobe. Here are several types of online Kurtis embroidery options on ESIKA WORLD for you to choose from:

Chikankari Embroidery Painting Kurtis Design

Chikankari Artwork is a traditional form of Embroidery design for Kurti that originated in Lucknow. It is known to have originated in the 3rd century BC and has Persian and Mughal lines. It features single-color or white embroidery on transparent to semi-transparent fabrics. Chikankari is back and will continue the trend for a long time. Therefore, you should consider investing in some Chikankari Embroidered Kurtis.

Hand embroidery Zardosi Kurtis

Zardosi for parties and weddings. Zardosi in Persian means golden stitch. As the name suggests, it uses gold and silver threads and beads to create intricate designs on silk and velvet in the Embroidery kurta designs. Zari/Zarodsi is one of the oldest forms of embroidery found in India.

Mirrorwork hand embroidery Kurtis

Mirror Hand Embroidery As the name suggests, this embroidery technique uses small round mirrors embroidered onto the fabric. Since the mirror is a reflective object, it adds shine to the outfit. This job is commonly found in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The Kurtis mirror is also a great choice for party and wedding season. Anarkali or Angrakha Kurti with a working mirror on its contour is a perfect choice for an evening wedding. You can even find mirrors on Bandhani or Leheriya fabrics, which will add more elements to your entire outfit.

Banjara work embroidery Kurtis design

Banjara work also belongs to Rajasthan and Gujarat and is one of the most colorful forms of embroidery done in India. Georgette embroidery kurti uses bright colors and thickly embroidered designs to give the fabric a pop. Common patterns found in banjara work are geometric patterns, animal patterns, symmetrical outlines, and more.

Phulkari embroidery Kurtis design

Phulkari originated in Punjab and is a popular form of kurti hand embroidery. Often this embroidery is also seen on shawls and shawls. Phulkari’s work mainly features floating and colored floral designs. It has a more versatile Viscose georgette kurti design than the repetitive, symmetrical design found in Banjara. A white kurti, with colorful phulkari embroidery, is a wardrobe staple. But don’t worry, if you don’t like too many colors. Phulkari looks great even in a monochromatic palette, where all embroidery is done in one color.

Styling Tips for Embroidery Kurtis design

Don’t overdo your accessories – Only one stands out. Accessories are meant to enhance your outfit, not overshadow your kurtis embroidery design. So if you wear heavy and long earrings, keep your necklace simple and vice versa.

Choose the right amount – Again, remember not to overdo the amount. The aim was to showcase the Kurtis embroidery design, so keeping the base simple will ensure that the Kurti grabs all the attention. The simple black and white palace can be used with many Kurtis and is a significant investment.

The Best Embroidered Kurtis

ESIKA WORLD is well known for offering a wide range of Stylish Embroidery kurti  manufacturers in Mumbai suitable for every occasion. Spice up your wardrobe with the best designer kurtis wholesalers in Mumbai. Esika offers a wide range of beautiful pastel embroideries and unique Georgette Kurti in India. We are actively interested in offering an excellent range of Embroidery Kurtis. Many types of Kurtis are designed using high-quality soft fabrics and sophisticated machines under the guidance of skilled designers. Also, we supply the best Georgette kurti designs wholesalers in Mumbai, these wholesalers have been thoroughly checked at various stages by our quality control department to make sure their perfection. Our offered range is available in different sizes, patterns, colors, and designs for customers to choose from. If you are looking for an affordable alternative, you can even choose Georgette designer kurti embroidery. There is definitely a Kurti for every budget at ESIKA WORLD!

Kurtis Embroidery Online at ESIKA WORLD

Embroidery is a highly local art form in which the best is often found in specific places. So you can order your favorite Kurtis from the comfort and safety of your home. ESIKA WORLD also has a public and transparent review section where you can see customer reviews of the product you are trying to order. This will allow you to better understand Kurtis and have a more honest opinion. So what are you guys waiting for? Grab your favorite embroidered Kurti from ESIKA WORLD now!

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