5 Ways To Style A Salwar Suit

A Salwar Suit is a popular outfit adorned mostly by women in the central and south Asia in countries like India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The traditional attire is an evergreen one which has different styles and ways to be worn. The salwar suit can be worn in a very comfortable day to day basis, and it can also be adorned in an intricate way and decorative wherein you have put a lot of efforts. You can wear a simple salwar suit in many ways by styling them up in different ways.

You can find salwar suits at many different places that essentially deal in wholesale clothing for women. Buying salwar suit in wholesale in Mumbai is always beneficial as you do not have to go shopping, again and again, depending on an occasion. Also, an added bonus is that when you buy from places that deal in wholesale clothing for women, you can get your pieces at a price lower than the ones you will find at a retailer’s.

The many ways you can style your salwar suit in are –

  • Layer it up! – Wearing a jacket, a dupatta, a stole, or even an overcoat can instantly make your outfit look dressier and expensive. Invest in some good ethnic and trendy jackets and style them with your salwars and you are good to go for any occasion or party. You can also go with a cape and dress your outfit up in style.
  • Go for the trends – Every outfit has a design and a specific cut, and you should definitely go all out while selecting a kurti for you. From neck cuts to hems, to how the back is styled, you can play around with the style a lot and enjoy different styles in your wardrobes. The styles can be varied as the kurtis can have one side slit, the kurti can also have a trail on the back or side or a front slit till the waist and zipper above the waist (a jacket style), or have an asymmetrical hemline. Multiple styles and multiple cuts to make you look stylish and appropriate for any occasion.
  • Experiment with the salwar bottoms – There are many styles when it comes to the salwar bottoms and you can surely experiment a lot with them. Some of the styles include dhoti style, patiala style, palazzo style, and many more. Every style gives you a rather interesting look and also gives a different silhouette. And it goes without saying, the styles for kurtis will also differ with each unique style you pick for bottoms.
  • Accessorize to perfection – A few accessories here and there makes a mountain of difference to the entire look. Be it wearing a classy bag or potli, or adorning your neck with jewels or wearing earrings or mang tikka, or even cinching your waist with a cummerbund, accessorizing is the key to a wholesome outfit.
  • Pick your dupatta wisely – Dupattas has become an option for the women of today but wearing one that is absolutely gorgeous can make you stand out in the crowd and how. Invest in good and embellished dupattas with rich gota work or bandej work, or anything that speaks your style. Dupattas can make or break your look, so think and invest in dupattas.

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