Top 7 Styles Of Kaftans To Look Glamorous

Today, you can find Kaftans in every market and mall. Almost every brand is choosing styles of Kaftan in their collection. These kaftans are great to wear for a party or as an evening wear. And styling a Kaftan is also fun – you can see it on our previous post!

So talking about the styles of Kaftans famous around the world, we have collected 7 best Kaftan styles you can wear for evening parties;

1. Full Length Kaftan – A full length Kaftan can have half, 3/4th or full sleeves with a Moroccan touch. Mostly, a Kaftan will feature a V-neck and a dainty necklace would look beautiful on it.

2. Kaftan Dress – Like a regular dress, a Kaftan dress features a narrower waistline and beautiful patterns or laces.

3. Arabian Kaftan – Prints in various colours and designs that symbolize Arab regions come under Arabian styles of Kaftan.

4. Full Sleeved Kaftan – A gorgeous way to stylize your look for a party is by wearing a long sleeved Kaftan. Be it a dress or tunic, a long sleeved Kaftan adds an elegant and classy touch to your look.

5. Tassel-trim Kaftan – Tassels always adds a feminine touch and makes you look elegant and stylish at the same time. A Kaftan that features tassel trims on the edges looks beautiful and is ideal for beach parties and vacations. Pairing it with shorts is a great idea too!

6. Floral Kaftan – Kaftans with floral prints are in vogue. Just to give yourself a Hawaiian look, wear a floral Kaftan dress to an evening party.

7. Embroidered Kaftan – Embroidery look beautiful on all types of clothes, be it a westernized gown or an Indo-western gown from India. A Kaftan with embroidery on the neckline is a beautiful addition for your closet.

There are many Kaftan exporters in India who produce the most beautiful designs and styles of this piece of dress.

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