Different Fabrics Used For Making Indian Ethnic Wear

Ethnic clothing in India is made from different fabrics, including silk, cotton and georgette. The look and feel of an outfit can be enhanced, depending on how the fabric has been woven and embroidered. In this blog, we have mentioned top three fabrics that are commonly used for making ethnic outfits.

Cotton is the most commonly used fabric for making Indian ethnic wear. The fabric is not only easy to wear and maintain but it is also affordable for the buyers. Cotton is mostly used for making ethnic clothes for casual or daily wear. From high-end designer salwar suits to saris, cotton is a favorite fabric among women.

As one of the most important fabrics for making Indian outfits, silk is preferred by women when buying designer suits and lehengas. It is a preferred fabric for parties and formal occasions. India also happens to be the largest producer of silk fabric. You can find a wide variety of silk in various regions of India.Some of the varieties are- Jacquard, Tussar, Muga, Eri and so on. You can find some of the best silk-made outfits and saris in cities like Mysore, Surat and Varanasi.

Chiffon and Georgette
These two fabrics have become quite common as far as ethnic wear in India is concerned. A growing number of women prefer to wear salwar suits made from chiffon and georgette instead of cotton because this fabric dries quickly and at times there is no need to iron it. On a daily basis, wearing Indian outfits made from chiffon and georgette is easier. Even designer salwar suits and lehengas are made in these fabrics with beautiful embroidery. These fabrics are available in various colors and are easy to create stylish outfits for women.

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