Anarkali – An Evergreen Fashion Statement

An anarkali is a timeless beauty and an extremely beautiful outfit worn by women hailing from southeast Asian countries. The whole mystery and beauty that lies behind donning an Anarkali is the style and silhouette of the outfit.

From hugging and clinging to each curve on the upper half of the body to flowing from the waist till the ankles, the outfit oozes elegance and royalty. Anarkali is also a Bollywood favourite along with being the favorite of many common women. From yesteryear’s Rekha to today’s Tara Sutaria, the Anarlaki has stayed a Bollywood staple and will go on to be one for every woman owing to its versatile style and titillating silhouette.

Now available in many styles, the legacy of anarkali goes way back to the era of Mughals and when they were ruling the princely states of India. Many stores deal in ladies designer suits wholesale in India as it is a popular favorite and never goes out of style.

Displayed and walked in during all the fashion shows in the Indian subcontinent, the Anarkli never fails to make an appearance in any of the fashion seasons.

There are many reasons as to why Anarkali is an evergreen fashion statement.

They are –

  • Chic and comfortable – An anarkali is a go-to choice for when you are planning to wear it for some long hours and dance out like your life depends on it. Many women chose to wear a dress instead of a stunning anarkali when they are planning to for a cocktail party, but here is a pro tip – not only does the dress look very cliche, but the anarkali will make you stand out in the crowd. It also oozes elegance and makes you look chic and will give your legs the room to dance out.

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  • Makes for a fashion statement – The anarkali is surely a popular favorite and preferred outfit of many women that it makes its way through to every woman’s wardrobe. Comfortable, elegant, stylish, and gorgeous are just a few of the adjectives that are attached with wearing an anarkali. Besides, the attire is really comfortable to spend a few hours in.

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  • Playing with styles – There are many styles and types of anarkali. Anarkalis also come in many prints, they come in different fabrics, they also have different silhouettes depending on the style. In our country, there are so many different types of prints and fabrics, and using them to create a masterpiece is like a dream come true. The anarkali will make you look traditional, classic and beyond beautiful.

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  • A sneak-peek into the churidar – Wear contrasting colours to go with the color blocking trend. Wearing a contrasting hurida below your anarkali will be sure to turn eyeballs and make you look rather interesting, and not mundane so that you blend in with the crowd. For this you will of course have to choose or go for a shorter anarkali dress.

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