Indigenous Women Wear: Creating with pride.

Published: 19 January,2018 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Esika has marked its presence as trend setter in ladies ethnic wear. Being the largest kurti manufacturer in Mumbai, India we have delivered excellence with quality and pride. We have wide range of collection in salwar kameez, long kurtis, short kurtis, tunics and leggings. The exclusive and unique fusion of Indian and western designs have discovered new set of style; known as Ethnic. Now if you are lined up with wedding or any function, then you don’t have to worry and think over your outfit for the event. Esika’s ethnic collection for women compliments any event with gorgeous look.

Influencing your Personal Style

Published: 18 January,2018 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Stepping out in ethnic wear always leaves your aura appealing in a unique form. There’s a huge shift as these days women prefer ethnic wear over traditional wear. Ethnic wear graces women’s body style by adding drama and newness to the attire. Be it a marriage, cocktail party or casual dinner; ethnic wear enjoys limelight without a miss! Ethnic collection in India has widened its horizon in the terms of patterns and style. More than long women prefer short kurtis with stylish waist lines and shoulder cuts.

It’s time to bask in Light Fun and Colour

Published: 14 October,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

It’s that time of the year, which promises a celebration at its fullest. Surrounded by the vibrant color and the warmth in the air it is a reminder to all of us to revisit and rejoice our traditional roots. Festive seasons have begun and it is time to bring out our finest clothing and accessories. Indian ethnic wear for women is an essential during these celebrations and there is always a plethora of choices in latest fashionable ethnic clothes in India.

Dress your best to celebrate the Indian festivities.

Published: 10 October,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Festivities bring the cheer and joy that lights up your day. Indian festivals are definitely a notch higher when it comes to celebrations as the vast array of preparations begin more than few weeks in advance. First on the list are the outfits which is always sorted out by the entire family on priority basis. During festivals all the Indian women prefer to wear the rich attire like the heavily embroidered Anarkali suits and Lehengas especially during Diwali.

Dress your best to celebrate the Indian festivities.

Published: 2 September,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

It is important to have a vast collection of daily wear in your wardrobe after all you spend your whole day wearing them. You need to have variety in your collection not just colours, but also in style. Many manufacturers of wholesale Salwar Suits have for ages provided a range of affordable suits that have been immensely popular with women especially from the small towns.

Trendiest designs and styles in ethnic wear for every occasion.

Published: 22 August,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Ethnic wear is the most worn style, especially for the Indian women. However, it is tagged as something that can be worn only for formal occasions. Nothing can be further from the truth here, even though there may be many Indian designer suits for ladies in the market that do make an incredible formal wear. Indian ethnic wear is known for its versatility in the most fashion circuits’ world over.

Here is how you get your Ethnic look right

Published: 24 July,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

It is a common habit that most women develop as the time passes by, they assume that since they are well acquainted with Indian ethnic wear they have managed to get the look right every time. However, that’s far from the truth, many stylists’ feel that we get too comfortable in time and in the process start neglecting the small stuff that eventually leads to frustration when you realise you have not managed to get the look right.

Wholesale Kurtis are designed with comfort and style in mind.

Published: 23 July,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Daily wear should be all about comfort and nothing else. Comfort and style that are well combined to make it practical to use should be the criteria that have to play in designing a daily wear suggests the Kurti manufacturers in Mumbai. Kurti, as they notice, has become the most commonly worn and highly demanded styles of outfit not just in India but also the world over. Tunic which is slightly longer in length is more popular in the western part of the world.

Kaftan- trending as the latest fashion style

Published: 29 June,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

In India fashion has been changing at a fast pace, however, what’s unique is that traditional wear continues to be an intrinsic style of an Indian woman. Ethnic wear like Salwar suits and Lehengas are still the most worn by the ladies and the one that even today rocks the Indian wedding scenes. However, these beautifully handcrafted embroidered Salwar suits and Lehengas

Explore - Indian designers’ suits for ladies this wedding season.

Published: 19 June,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Wedding season in India means a lot of glamour, colour, scrumptious and finger licking food. The element of this begins with the attire of the family and friends. Since as a culture we live in a tightly knit family structure which makes Indian Weddings demand excessive efforts not just from the bridegroom and their immediate family members but also from the extended relatives and their friends equally alike.

Choosing the Right Type of Indo-Western Gown in India for a Wedding

Published: 19 May,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Wedding gowns are quite common in the western world. Earlier, women in India donned only traditional clothing for their wedding and red was the most common colour choice. But today, women are not shying away from wearing indo-western outfits for their big day. They are making modern choices as far as wedding attires are concerned.

Accessorizing Ladies Ethnic Wear for a Wedding

Published: 15 May,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Indian ethnic dresses are not only popular in India but they are also loved across the globe. Women love wearing ethnic clothes during weddings and parties. Indian weddings consist of traditional outfits and to add to the beauty of ethnic clothes, several accessories like nose ring, bangles and bindis can be used. There are many different ways in which a traditional outfit can be accessorized.

The Essence of Indian Traditional Wear Captured In Indian Kaftans

Published: 24 April,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Exporters of Kaftan, Indian traditional wear, and designer Kaftans focus on women who appreciate the minute detailing that bring out the Indian traditional elegance in women. The contemporary Indian traditional wear come in plethora of style, color combinations, alluring embellishments, intricate hand embroidery, quirky mirror work, and some with the western influence flaunt the Indo western designer wear

Traditional Salwar Kameez to Colossal Range Of High Fashion Garments

Published: 17 April,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

The exporters in India systematically entered into the global fashion world with a range of Indo western gowns, party wear, Salwar Kameez, and other high fashion garments. High fashion garments in India The traditional Salwar Kameez has come a long way into the contemporary fashion world. The Salwar Kameez started as a user-friendly everyday wear that is more comfortable to wear, and by the sheer virtue of its versatility and the unique touch of ethnic grace attained the enviable position as one of the high fashion garments in India.

Indian Ethnic Wear Trends To Look Out For This Year

Published: 15 March,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Trends in Indian wear keep changing every season. You do not have to wait for a new year to see new trends hitting the apparel market. Every season, India’s traditional fashion industry sees a wave of new styles, patterns, textures and prints that appease buyers in every corner of the country.

Indo-fusion Wear- The New Craze Among Indian Women

Published: 9 March,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

The 21 st Century has seen some dramatic changes in Indian ethnic designs. Indian fashion designers have been experimenting with a number of silhouettes, prints, textures and patterns to cater to the evolving tastes and preferences of modern-day audiences.

Indian Ethnic Wear Taking over the Global Market

Published: 13 February,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Indian ethnic dresses, including salwar kameez and saris have taken the global market by storm. In the west, ethnic wear from India is immensely popular. It is making its presence felt all over the world because the west seems to be mesmerized by Indian fashion.

Choosing and Accessorizing Party Dresses in India

Published: 6 February,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Modern day Indian designs seem to be the perfect mix of Indian and western fashion. From the choice of fabrics and cuts to the choice of accessories, a lot has changed over the years in Indian fashion industry. Even party dresses in India have undergone changes. Today, women prefer wearing indo-western designs

Why The Kurti Is So Close To Replacing The Classic Saree?

Published: 25 January,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Indian clothing is all about glamor, charm and everything ostentatious. This explains why the timeless saree still remains the top outfit choice of majority of women in India. However, Indian ethnic wear has registered a paradigm shift with respect to trends, styles, cuts and patterns in recent times.

What makes the Kaftan a Highly Versatile Outfit?

Published: 24 January,2017 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Fashion trends change every season. In a country like India which sees new styles cropping up at a fast pace, there are only a few that make the cut and remain in vogue, no matter what the season. One such eternal outfit is the breezy kaftan. Counted as one among the most popular party dresses India

Useful Tips on Accessorizing Ladies Ethnic Wear

Published: 23 December,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Indian ethnic wear has always been in fashion. Be it a wedding or a corporate party, saris or salwar suits are always the preferred choice for women. If you also plan on wearing an ethnic outfit for a party, here are few tips to help you accessorize ladies ethnic wear the right way:

How to Look Fabulous in a Kaftan?

Published: 21 December,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

In recent years, kaftans have made a huge comeback onto the fashion scene. They have become popular as casual and formal wear. Here are few tips on how to choose the right type of kaftan and look fabulous. With the right type of accessories, this loose and flowy dress can be easily transformed into multitude of silhouettes, perfect for various occasions.

Different Fabrics Used for Making Indian Ethnic Wear

Published: 29 November,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Ethnic clothing in India is made from different fabrics, including silk, cotton and georgette. The look and feel of an outfit can be enhanced, depending on how the fabric has been woven and embroidered. In this blog, we have mentioned top three fabrics that are commonly used for making ethnic outfits.

How To Style Your Hair For Designer Indo Western Gown?

Published: 28 November,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Indo-western gowns can make any woman look absolutely regal and stylish; however, it is important to wear the gown with the right accessories and sport the perfect hairstyle. If you are wondering which hairstyle to choose for your indo-western outfit, here are a few options that you can consider

Quick Tips To Take Care Of Your Clothes This Diwali

Published: 19 October,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Diwali is a festival of lights. With lights, there are fire crackers, sweets and other delicacies which no one resists. This is also a part of the year where your favourite clothes get stained. Unfortunately, yes! If not too much but most of the times there are a few splashes of cold drinks, sweets or food. This is the time when the beautiful Indian ethnic wear for women has to suffer.

Ways To Add Kaftan To Your Festive Look

Published: 18 October,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

With festivals just around the corner, a lady’s shopping can never be over. Starting from household things to the Diwali dresses and Puja saree, from so much ladies ethnic wear has to offer, women just pick a few. To give ladies a fashion advice, we would like to insist upon adding Kaftan to your festive dress code for a change.

5 Beautiful Ways To Wear A Kaftan

Published: 21 September,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Kaftan is a long loose dress which was worn in the Middle Eastern countries. A very stylish piece of dress to be adorned on a regular day or on an occasion, Kaftan adds a classy touch to your look. Today, rather than going for the traditional embroidered salwar suits.

Top 7 Styles of Kaftans To Look Glamorous

Published: 20 September,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Today, you can find Kaftans in every market and mall. Almost every brand is choosing styles of Kaftan in their collection. These kaftans are great to wear for a party or as an evening wear. And styling a Kaftan is also fun – you can see it on our previous post!

5 Must Have Accessories To Glam Up Your Ethnic Look

Published: 23 August,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

You might be having several salwar suits and anarkali suits in your wardrobe that your wear on occasions or regularly. And today we will suggest you the five must have accessories that will make you look gorgeous in your favourite salwar suit.

Gorgeous Ways To Style Your Patiala Salwar Suits

Published: 22 August,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Patiala salwars have been in fashion since a long time now. Though there have also been a few modification in the styles of Indian designer suits for ladies, Patiala suits have never lost their charm. And to make these salwar suits look more beautiful on you, a little accessorizing is necessary. Given below is a small guide that will help you stylize your favourite salwar suit instantly.

Embroidered Anarkali Suits Become The Trendsetter

Published: 20 July,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Women in the South Asian continent have been wearing different styles of shalwar kameez suits, a set of pants and a loose shirt. From these various styles of shalwar kameez suits, anarkali suits are one set that makes women look stunning and elegant. An anarkali suit has an A-line top (kameez) which is fitted at the waist or below the chest.

The Beautiful Emergence Of Classic Embroidered Salwar Suits

Published: 19 July,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Salwar suits were worn in Asia since a very long time. Many years ago, shalwar kameez, today better known as salwar suits had a different style and appeal. In the past days, salwar kameez was more of a loose shirt worn with baggy pants. Today, as the times have changed, the style of the Asian ethnic wear has transformed too.

Styles Of Ethnic Wear For The Modern Women

Published: 2 July,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Indian ethnic wear has transformed over the years. Today you will not just find the classic salwar suit, sari or lehenga design, but instead, ethnic wear which has changed dramatically. In the present time, ethnic wear has a modern touch. As we can now see more and more girls and women of different age are opting for kurtis and tunics with jeans and leggings.

An Insight On Ethnic and Western Wear Today

Published: 1 July,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

When you go to purchase new outfits the primary thing that would strike a chord is whether to purchase your normal western outfits or the drifting ethnic wear. When you are tangled in this situation, this online journal will help you choose what to purchase as per the present fever. Ethnic wear for the most part comes in cotton material which is agreeable to wear in any climate.

Reasons Why Indian Ethnic Wear Is Popular Across The Globe

Published: 31 May,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

The beautiful anarkali suit that you see women wearing in parties, festivals and social functions hails from the Mughal Era. Since then, this Indian ethnic wear has come a long way. Today, you can find anarkali suits in different styles and fabrics. They have become a staple garment in every Indian woman’s wardrobe.

Desi Wear continues to Rule the Indian Market

Published: 30 May,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

The beautiful anarkali suit that you see women wearing in parties, festivals and social functions hails from the Mughal Era. Since then, this Indian ethnic wear has come a long way. Today, you can find anarkali suits in different styles and fabrics. They have become a staple garment in every Indian woman’s wardrobe.

All You Need to Know About Anarkali Salwar Suits

Published: 30 April,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

The beautiful anarkali suit that you see women wearing in parties, festivals and social functions hails from the Mughal Era. Since then, this Indian ethnic wear has come a long way. Today, you can find anarkali suits in different styles and fabrics. They have become a staple garment in every Indian woman’s wardrobe.

Teaming Your Kurta with Different Types of Salwar

Published: 30 April,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

If you have a kurta in your closet that you don’t wear anymore, teaming it with different types of salwars can help you create a new look each time. From churidars to patialia salwars, there is a wide variety to choose from. It is believed that salwars originated in Central Asia and its use was spread to India, Afghanistan, Iran and Arabia. In our country, the term salwar includes Punjabi suthan, Sindhi suthan, churidar and the Dogri pajama.

Embroidered Salwar Suits are Always in Vogue

Published: 23 March,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Embroidered salwar suits have always been in fashion. Be it the evergreen anarkali kurta with heavy zardozi work or a churidar salwar suit with light thread work, embroidered salwar suits are the perfect choice for various occasions. Embroidery like Zardozi, Katha work or stone work adds a lot of beauty and glamour to the Indian attire. It turns a dull piece of fabric into a visual masterpiece. For instance, light Zardozi work on a georgette anarkali suit is the perfect choice for wedding parties.

Designers Bringing Variations in Indian Ladies Suits

Published: 11 March,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

When we talk about ethnic wear in India, salwar suits top the list. This attire has been ruling the wardrobe of Indian women for years. Considering the ever green demand for salwar suits in India and abroad, fashion designers have always experimented with this attire in their own distinct ways. They have given the simple salwar kurta a modern twist while keeping its eclectic legacy intact. From teaming up the traditional kurta with cigarette pants and dhoti pants to experimenting with innovative cuts and designs,

Up your Fashion Game with top 4 Salwar Suit Styles

Published: 10 March,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

Wish to give your denims and break and try a salwar suit instead? There are several salwar suit styles that you can try; however, we have narrowed down top four styles of this traditional ensemble that can make you look classy and elegant no matter when you wear them. 1. Anarkali Suit : Anarkali salwar suits have always been in fashion, suiting most body types with some considerations in choice of fabric and design. If you are tall and slim, you don’t have to follow a particular rule with this style but if you are top heavy, it is best to avoid anarkali kurtas that have heavy embroidery on the bodice.

Anarkali Salwar Suits- a Must-have Ethnic Attire

Published: 28 February,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

There is no denying that Indian women love wearing anarkali salwar suits. Be it a wedding, an evening party or daily office wear, anarkali suits are the most preferred Indian attire that make women look regal and beautiful. It is believed that anarkali suit originated during the Mughal era. It was named after a famous courtesan of Emperor Akbar’s court, Anarkali who was widely known for her beauty. Today, this attire has taken the India fashion world by storm. From Bollywood divas donning anarkalis at award ceremonies and film events to Indian fashion designers launching a line of elegant anarkalis

Growing Demand for Indian Ethnic Wear

Published: 23 February,2016 | Author: Bonanza Enterprises

If you ever get a chance to peep into a wardrobe of any Indian girl you will be able to find a huge collection of ethnic wear. No matter how western wear has tried to invade the market of Indian fashion, it couldn’t diminish the charm of Indian ethnic wear. This is the reason why still Indian designers keep on experimenting with Indian ethnic wear. Bonanza Enterprises, Brand Esika as a manufacturer and wholesaler believes in keeping things trendy and yet believing in traditions. The ever growing demand for ethnic wear has lead to development of many apparel masters in the field, but in the end it is the quality, price and size that matters.